Cooked with premium Guittard Chocolate, we've created a truly exceptional caramel experience.
Sea Salt
The French have perfected the art of cultivating high quality delicious sea salt, and that is why the salt we use comes directly from France.
When you mix the distinct flavor of black licorice with the buttery smooth taste of caramel, something extraordinary happens.
The minute you bite into our raspberry caramel you will feel like you have been transported into the midst of summertime.
We use top grade vanilla to make our buttery caramel even more so, with a wonderfully subtle taste of creamy, sweet, milky vanilla flavor.
An immediate wave of peppermint flavor that fades to a creamy, buttery finish. Perfect for the holidays or any day.
Made with real cream and butter, this is the rich, delicious flavor you want when you're craving homemade caramel.
The swirl of citrus immersed in buttery cream is like having the delicious taste of a creamsicle bar in a caramel.

A family recipe. A delicious tradition.

You won’t find caramels as fresh, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious as JulieAnn Caramels anywhere else.
That’s because we use a family recipe that has been passed down through generations and perfected over the years.
Every tantalizing flavor is hand crafted from the finest ingredients and made with care down to the smallest detail.

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Cooked with premium Guittard Chocolate, we’ve created a truly exceptional caramel experience.

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How I Started JulieAnn Caramels
When the economy came crashing down, it affected my husband’s business like so many others out there…

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Very Berry
Taste the bold fruit flavors of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry with creamy caramel.


Macy Robison

Cinnamon?! Mango Habanero?! Props to @jacaramels for creative #caramel flavors. Plus, they taste amazing too! #yum

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